MSU Grad In the Running for A Million Dollars

A local grad is celebrating after seeing his commercial air during last night's Super Bowl.

The ad, known as “Sling Baby” was part of Dorito's “Crash The Super bowl” contest and now it's in the running for a million dollars.

We spoke with one of the creators; he says the work has been an exciting ride.

A bratty child, a determined grandmother and a flying baby–
a simple concept that helped this Michigan native make it to the super bowl.

Nate Daniels, MSU Grad: “…I think it was relief more than anything…I've been talking about it forever and I felt like if I didn't make it to the super bowl, I'd have a lot of explaining to do.”

Wearing his Spartan T-shirt, Nate Daniels says he's never been more proud of his work.

Daniels: “I felt like, ya know, I poured my heart and soul into this for a couple months. It's just like this weird energy where I've never worked harder but I've never felt more refreshed at the same time.”

And speaking of refresh, he's been hitting that button all day. Daniels hopes to keep the top spot on USA Today's poll, which would net his team, a million dollars.

Daniels: “It's great that we're here and hopefully we can get some fellow Spartans and mid-Michigan to push our commercial to the top of the ad meter.”

So far “Sling Baby” has nearly 3 thousand likes on Facebook and even a shout out from Snoop Dogg , but overall, the cost of the commercial wasn't much.

Daniels: “The commercial budget was probably about 27 hundred dollars, most of that we joked goes towards the food because ya know, you gotta feed everybody.”

As for Daniels' future, he's not sure what a win might mean.

Daniels:”I'm kind of a consultant, slash, still looking for employment at the moment.”

But a super bowl commercial on his resume shouldn't hurt.

To find out how to vote for “Sling Baby” click here. Voting in USA Today's contest ends Tuesday at 6pm.

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