Dental Implants: “The Feeling is Real”

Dental Implants: “The Feeling is Real”

Dental Implants can literally transform a patient's mouth from a single tooth to complete implant support for missing teeth. Our patients tell us of increased confidence and security with implant supported teeth.

Dental Implants quite simply provide the support in the bone for making new teeth that you see on top. The Dental Implant is the man made root section of the new tooth. There is also a portion which comes through the gum that attaches to the implant. This is called the Abutment. The part you see and feel and use to chew and talk is the Implant Crown. This usually attaches over the abutment with dental glue.

Treatment can take from four months up to a year depending on circumstances. You will never be without teeth.

Single Implants

Single Implant replacement for a singular missing tooth is arguably the most difficult and sensitive procedure we do. Why? The loss of a single tooth, especially in the smile zone, is devastating to a patient. The loss of a tooth often accompanies trauma, bone loss, pain, and history of failed dentistry. The thought of modifying natural teeth on each side of the missing tooth (as in a fixed bridge), is not the optimum.

Good News! We can usually replace a single missing tooth to look close to the one you lost and maybe even better. This takes time, effort, and finances but it is worth it.

Multiple Implants

Multiple Implant replacement can take many shapes and configurations.

You do not necessarily need an implant for every missing tooth. Sometimes implants are used as bridge abutments and can connect to other implants with fake teeth (pontics) between the implants.

Implants can also be separate and flossable as side by side teeth.

Full Mouth Implants

Full Mouth Implants can address either the upper jaw (maxilla) or the lower jaw (mandible) or both. Usually the reconstruction of one jaw requires reworking of the other to some degree. If this is not addressed, the history, wear and tear and mistakes of the past become part of the new reconstructed jaw by default.

The number and size of implants needed depends on many factors. Bone availability is a critical factor in restoring a full mouth. We can usually find most all the bone we need for restoring with implant support within the mouth. Factors such as tissue, bone, smile line, function, jaw structure, removable teeth or fixed teeth, time, finances all play into the mix of what is appropriate for the patient.

Good News! We are good at working in a time frame and budget as long as we know what it is. We also have decades of experience in restoring jaws of all types and sizes and histories. We are confident that we can find a solution for you.

Dental Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry Misc

Shouldn't all dentistry be cosmetic?

We think so.

Many times the use of dental implants to replace missing teeth spark a patient to consider that now is the time to address cosmetic concerns. With progressive tooth loss the sense of loss and non-trust in dentistry becomes greater.

Tooth loss is a multi-factored event. Many times patients are blamed for the tooth loss and sometimes it is the dentist that helped things along and there are also times the tooth is lost without adequate explanation.

The examples below are of people who had combination cosmetic and implant supported teeth reconstruction. They are great examples of “Now is My Time to do Something for Myself.”

Regardless of the condition of the mouth, there is a solution both cosmetic and supported for function with dental implants.

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