Studio Control

This room serves a similar purpose to Master Control at times, and has comparable equipment. During the day, Studio Control is used to make commercials, pre-produce parts of newscasts and other local programming. During the news or any live programming, this room is the final step- sending the show directly to air, and essentially, bypassing Master Control.

From left to right, the 1st computer is called a teleprompter. The final scripts for each story are sent directly to this computer. The operator uses the mouse to scroll the words, keeping pace with the anchors. The anchors are actually reading these words which appear on the front of the cameras (See “Studio” for more on this).

Next is the computer used by the producer. He or she will load the rundown for the show and make changes as needed during the newscast. (For more on the rundown, see “Newsroom”)

The large board in the center is a switcher. The switcher makes the video transitions from camera to camera, tape to tape etc. It also is used for special effects. This switcher is more elaborate than the one in Master Control, because we need to do more transitions and special effects in this room.

The keyboard next to the switcher is a video typewriter. (For more on this, see “Master Control”) All the information typed on the screen and most of the graphics used in the show are stored in this computer. The operator loads each one in order as called for during the news.

The final room houses the audio board. All of the talent microphones, music, announcer, sound effects etc. are controlled through this room.

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