The newsroom is the office for all of the reporters, photographers, newscast producers and the Assignment Manager. All of the computers in the newsroom are a part of a local network which allows everyone access to the same information. They're used to search archives, get information from the Associated Press, send messages and enter scripts.

The Assignment Manager is responsible for gathering leads to all possible news stories throughout the day. He'll listen to scanners, make calls to key contacts, and take calls from the public regarding possible news stories. He determines, with approval of the News Director, which stories WLNS 6 News will cover, who will cover them, and how much time will be devoted to covering the stories.

 The newscast producers are responsible for putting their newscast together. They'll work closely with the Assignment Manager, News Director and reporters to find out which stories will be complete, how long they may be and which stories are the best for that day. Once the stories are set, the producer will create a rundown. This is a format for the newscast and contains the story names, lengths, what type of story it is (will the anchors just talk about it, will it have video, will it have an expert witness etc.) and other information about graphics, opens and closes etc.

The reporters and anchors are responsible for gathering, editing and reporting the news. There are 4 edit bays in the newsroom, which are used to edit the raw tapes into short stories. Upon returning from a story, the reporter will write a script and usually edit the footage to match. Sometimes the photographers are called on to help with the editing process when deadlines are tight.

When you see a live report from the newsroom, it's shot from the studio, through a sound-proof window. The reporter sits near the edit bays and faces the studio where the camera is positioned behind the window. The reporter's microphone sends their voice to the control room.

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