Master Control/TVT

This is the final step, the actual room that sends the TV signal to your home.

 On the left is a computer keyboard that is used to put type on the screen. We use this Chyron to show you special alerts over the program you're watching. Clockwise from there are two black joysticks that control functions of the studio cameras. The numerous black and white TV's are monitors we use to make sure live feeds and recordings are ok before we actually put them on the air or record them.

The board in the center is a switcher. It makes all the video transitions from programs to commercials etc. To the right of the switcher, you'll see 4 black knobs that look like hockey pucks. These are remote controls which operate the tape machines in TVT(see TVT below).

The Master Control Operator is responsible for making sure everything runs on air according to plan and makes sure it runs on time. The computer on the top of the console is an automated playback system that runs the commercials. All of the commercials are stored on a computer hard drive. The Traffic Department makes an entire schedule of programming and commercials to run each day. This log is timed to the second in order to keep the schedule on time.

 Next is another set of joysticks that remotely control the Capitol Cam on top of the Radisson Hotel downtown. With these controls, we can zoom in, tilt, pan, focus and activate tiny “windshield wipers” to clean the lens.

TVT, or Technical Video Tape, houses all of the playback machines for air.

The TVT operators are taking satellite feeds, making dubs and loading tapes into machines for commercial production or newscast playbacks.


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